Back to Uni…Term 2 in Australia!

Hiya!! It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve posted any blogs, sorry! I’ve got into an awful habit of writing them on my phone and completely forgetting to post them on here, so there will be a few uploaded in quick succession as I have built up a slight backlog of things to share!


The beginning of March marked my return to uni after my nearly 5 month long summer holiday! After celebrating my 21st and Christmas – 2 occasions which usually occur in midwinter – in the middle of summer, travelling to New Zealand, and all the way down the Australian east coast, I was very ready to come back and learn some more.  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining about the 5 months off, but I rather ran out of things to do towards the end of the holiday, and found myself a bit lost and craving the routine of lectures and seminars.


This semester I have sneakily found a way to include the ancient history part of my degree in my studies, which, when studying in Australia, is surprisingly difficult to do! The way I managed this was to do 2 archaeology topics which had a very wide scope of assessment.  Discovering Archaeology has an assessment on the replication of an artefact from any era, so naturally I chose to base my replication on Ancient Greece.  This has meant that for the past week, I have been stuck in learning how to become an expert potter whilst my flatmates complain about their tests  and exams – now that isn’t to say that my topic isn’t challenging, as this, and all my other topics, come with more than their fair share of essays, but at least I get to have some fun and let my creative side run wild as a little break from the many thousands of words of essay I have to produce (11,700 words in case anyone was wondering!)


I am writing this whilst waiting for the most recent coat of paint to dry, however I can also hear the call of an essay, so I will leave this blog here for now…

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