When I came out to Flinders University, I had no idea what to expect.  I didn’t know how many other exchange students there would be, where they would be from, and I knew next to nothing about Australia as a country – apart from the fact it is so bloody hot, which is actually something I talk about with my friends, both exchange and domestic, on an almost daily basis.  As luck would have it, the International Student Service at Flinders are very good and helped me settle in straight away, with the Beach and City Tours that I’ve discussed previously on this blog, however the best thing they did for me was to introduce me to the Flinders University Student Exchange Club (FUSE Club), which I have mentioned in passing before, but think they deserve a full blog post.


FUSE Club, and their wonderful President Jesse, organise activities mainly aimed at exchange students, but are open to anyone (within reason obviously) who wants to come.  These activities range from AFL games, to surfing trips, BBQs and really anything that you can reasonably do in a fairly large group.  Not only does it give international and exchange students local activities to do, but also brings them together on a weekly basis, meaning they form strong friendships – I know I have!  Not only has the club been a go to for me for a large portion of my social life, but it has also given me support at uni as I know such a large range of people from the club, that there is always a friendly face to bump into on campus.  I am even living with two other exchange students who I met through the club.


Before my exchange I was not aware of anything like this existing for international and exchange students at Leicester, so I look forward to looking into this further when I get back home!

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