The Adelaide Fringe

Here’s just a short and sweet blog about Adelaide’s Mad March.


Most Australians, and the majority of people from Adelaide, will tell you that Adelaide isn’t an exceedingly exciting place to live.  Yes, there are plenty of things to do, but comparatively to other Australian cities (and state capitals), it is rather….boring isn’t the right word, but I guess subdued fits quite well.  This however all changes from mid-February to mid-March when the Adelaide Fringe Festival comes to town.  Now, this may seem familiar to you as you’ve probably heard of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and you’d be correct in assuming the two are related.  Adelaide’s Fringe is an offshoot of the Edinburgh Festival, and I’m pretty sure it is one of the biggest of the spin-off Fringe Festivals.  The entire city comes alive for the short time the Festival is here, with the parks being transformed into ‘The Garden of Unearthly Delights’ and other venues which host shows of all types – if you can think of it, it’s probably playing at the show! Personally, I went to 4 things: Thrones the Musical, Best of Fringe Comedy Show, Daniel Sloss and Ross Noble (I love stand up comedy, can you tell???).  All the shows were amazing, and for the quite small, intimate setting, very affordably priced.


The Fringe brings a new lease of life into the city and many pop up restaurants appear in the streets that are lucky enough to be situated near the parklands, which is where the majority of the shows take place.  The usually quite quiet streets are as packed as a busy London street at rush hour, it is quite the turnaround from normal Adelaide life.  However, this madness only lasts for around 30 days, and then literally overnight, the city returns to its quiet, unassuming self just in time for Footy season (Aussie rules of course)!

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