Thinking about going home!

As I write this there are only 8 days between me and home!!! It’s both a scary and exciting time as I miss everyone and everything from home, but at the same time there’s a certain sadness involved in flying 16,000 km away from all the friends you’ve made in the past year.  It’s a lot easier to go away for a year when you know that when you come back you will be able to see everyone.  In an ideal world I would get to see all my Aussie friends again at some point – the best time would be Sunday at 8pm for Ice Cream, DJV represent – but I know that realistically I’m not going to see them again for a while, thank goodness for social media.


It has been a nice few weeks since finishing assignments and we even had an early leaving party a few weeks ago which was fab! We decided to treat the Aussies to some brilliant British delicacies such as Pimms, cheese and fruit and everybody’s favourite ‘Australian’ beer FOSTERS – what a good call eh? We also made rainbow jelly shots which was incredibly fun and my first ever time making jelly, but you’ve got to start somewhere I guess!


I’ve also spent a lot of time recently trying to pack all my life into two suitcases with a combined weight of 30 kg which has been … alarmingly easy so far which makes me think there are many things that I have forgotten along the way which is only slightly concerning.  Oh well, I reckon if they were that important then I would’ve noticed their absence, or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself to allow me to sleep at night!!


Well, off I go to more packing and the inevitable unearthing of some massive heavy object I’ve missed, wish me luck!

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