In little over a week’s time, I will have been home for a month! It’s absolutely mad to think that its already been so long since I was enjoying the Australian sun (coz yes, the weather is still ridiculously good, even in the middle of winter)! Since I’ve been back, I’ve done the obligatory – but still fun – trips to the grandparents, got over my jetlag, and started my summer job in a desperate attempt to make up for all the money I spent on my year abroad!


Not only has it been lovely to see my family and friends again, but it was also nice to get my results back from Flinders to find that I had Distinctions and High Distinctions (1sts and 2:1s) in all my topics! This really does just go to show that you can still do well on your year abroad whilst having the most mad, and longest (and probably most expensive) holiday you could imagine!!!


Although my year in Australia was AMAZING, and something I am so glad I decided to do, I am looking forward to going back to Leicester in September, not only because I get to see a whole bunch of my uni mates (woooo for masters and pgces) but because I love Leicester! It’s nice to be back somewhere familiar, where I know the streets and all the good places to visit – I already have a few meals lined up in restaurants that I’ve been thinking about all year!!!


Gonna end this blog here as I have to put the finishing touches onto my vlog and then get some sleep as it’s up nice and early in the morning for work (during my summer holiday (gross)).

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