The sun also rises

The sun came out today ,spreading blue skies everywhere, so after a few week of +/-1 under a cloudy blanket, the temperature  dropped down to -5 and I reckon it’s going to get mighty cold again! I bought a last minute ticket to the Kemi Ice Castle last weekend from one of the few surviving Italians, the journey was cool […]

Why I Love Germany.

Erasmus really is sometimes like a selection/taster set of all the world nationalities, you rub shoulders with all kinds of people here, and get an awesome insight into about 20 different cultures every time you go to a party or go ice hole swimming. Recently, I have ramped up the level of my German learning, […]

TEFL and February

And so, after more than a week of being only about 1 or -1 each day and night, the snow is starting to melt and I hear that such weather will continue. The people are unsure of what this means- are we pleased it’s not so cold, or is this slush even worse? Is it good […]

Cultural learnings of Finland for make benefit glorious nation of England

Finland is just the kind of place where , after trudging around in the ice and snow , it’d be great to crash down on a comfy setee in a lovely warm colourful cafe , and have a nice cup of coffee, go out and walk around some more , have some icy adventures , then […]

Measuring wolf skulls

Written originally on the 29th of January , but i’m going to publish it anyway now.Just imagine you travelled back in time or something. Also , its -0 c now. Back in Oulu, back to The Dissertation , and back to -16 today (although the snow was falling in Germany too) , back to exams […]

Minus twenty!

It finally dropped below minus twenty today! The cold is beautiful and wonderful- It is both colder than you could imagine and at other times really not so bad. It freezes things you wouldn’t imagine could freeze- chain turns into a solid stick of metal, string becomes like brittle wire, hair becomes glued together with ice […]

New semester goals and fashion tips

So, I’m back in Oulu as of a few days ago, returning to a slightly different place to the one that I left less than a month ago in December. The majority of the Erasmus students that were here last semester have left- friends , classmates , and in my case , my German lady […]

How cameron discovered the true meaning of Christmas…

New Years , and I guess Christmas too , is as good a time as any to sit down , preferably with a drink in hand and a plate of lovely food , and think about the past year, about the future , and also to look around and think how great just being here […]

O Tallenbaum…

Merry Christmas from me, sitting in the exact Middle of Germany in a wonderful Bundesland (region) called Schwalm-Eider-Kreis, a magical land of rolling German landscape, deer, beer, potatoes and farmland where I am Christmassing with the wonderful Dove and her family. We’re currently watching Downtown Abbey in German – I’ve spent the last week  been […]

Stockholm is a different kind of cold

Crashed back into Oulu at a brisk 7:30 this morning having spent the past 9 hours scrunched up like a Peruvian mummy, trying to snatch tortured moments of sleep on the cross country train home from the Turku archipelago in the south west, where me and my German Sancho Panza had embarked peacefully after 11 hours […]

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