The Last Post

  It’s been great fun blogging , it’s a pretty strange experience , sometimes it makes you feel a bit famous, telling the internet all about your experiences and adventures, sometimes it’s more like writing a secret personal diary. It’s been a laugh , and I’m glad if my friends or family enjoying reading about […]

Springtime for Cameron in Germany

So, finally I arrive in Germany! The year in Finland had truly come full circle, with the lakes melting back into their former liquid form, the birds and insects in the trees again, and the sun shining. Thus I flew via Denmark, which was cool, in the two hour stop over I stared thoughtfully out […]

Moi moi Suomi

So , for me the Erasmus year is technically coming to a close , as I leave imminently , for good , out of Oulu and out of Finland! Nah but of course Oulu hasn’t been a barren arctic wasteland, and I do feel bad for technically leaving Oulu earlier than I could, I’ve loved […]

Wappu and the end of the academic year

So whilst other people (i.e in germany) are just beginning their second semester , my entire academic year has now finished! The summer holiday starts now , and I am making ready to leave Erasmus!  Crazy times! What a year! It’s the annual two week student binge drinking festival at the moment , Wappu, which […]

Rule Devonia

Blimey! Its been an action packed month and a half since the dove returned to Oulu , as this coincided with a month of essays and exams , us going to Norway as I said already , and then at the end , my family coming over from England to visit me in Oulu! Splendid! […]

Voyage to the most Northern point in Europe

Me and the German princess went on our long awaited voyage to Norway a week ago, and arrived yesterday morning at 5:00 am. We set off at 6:00 am on Thursday, and in 4 and a half days went from Finland , to Sweden , to Norway , right up to the Furthest north point in […]

On…Spring, Finnglish and Translations

On Spring: As the sheets of ice covering Finland lift and spring is almost basically here , you realise how much has changed over the winter- there was once a bench under that block of ice? their used to be plants there? there was a road there? i thought it was a river! and the […]

On…Pannti, Oulu Past and the Old Man of Nallikari

On Pantti: One top notch innovation from Europe is being paid to recycle things. In Finland on all drinks and beer cans you will see the words PANTTI- €0.15, and in Germany too, but there it’s called ‘Pfand’, and I don’t know how much the cost is. This is on plastic bottles too, and is sometimes 25 cents, […]

Cameron rides a reindeer

Yes I wrote this before I went to Oulanka, so over a week ago, but I’m still publishing it now. Just pretend you’re stuck in a time space continuum again. Also, technically I didn’t ride a reindeer but it pulled a sleigh whilst I gently whipped it, but I prefer my title. Finland is very […]

Skiing in the Wilderness

So by the good grace of the Finnish/UK university systems I’m pretty much allowed to take whichever modules I want here , so I’m basically studying Biology this year and spent last week on a Winter Ecology field course in the Oulanka national Park  in the north east of Finland , only 15km away from […]

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