Christmas Down Under!

Sorry for the spam of blogs, but I haven’t had wifi recently so haven’t been able to upload anything until now…   So, I just spent Christmas in 37 degree heat, and let me tell you it was WEIRD! It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I LOVE Christmas, I will happily indulge […]

My Summer Holiday so far!

So, one of the great things about studying abroad is the opportunities it creates for you.  I am able to visit places I had only dreamed of going to, and have already been able to cross so many things off my bucket list and I still have two more months until term starts again! I […]

No wonder Tolkien was inspired by this place…


Not much is going on here at the moment as it’s the summer holidays so most people have either gone on holiday or back home for Christmas. I’m in the process of sorting everything out for my holiday to New Zealand which should be fab! Here’s a few updates on what I’m up to now […]

Tour of Flinders.

Hi! So my editing skills aren’t great, but here’s a quick virtual tour of Flinders University.  Sorry for the bad filming in the library (last clip), I was being chased by a librarian!

How to balance work and being a tourist.

One of the main things I’ve experienced in my first term here at Flinders is that it can sometimes get really hard to get a good work/ life balance.  I find this hard enough when I’m at uni in Leicester, but believe me, it’s a hell of a lot harder to motivate yourself to do […]

One Semester Down…

Freedom!   So i am officially half way through the education part of my year abroad! Because I don’t have any exams, and I submitted my last essay on the 26th, I am officially on holiday until FEBRUARY!!! I have so much booked, from family visits to a trip to New Zealand, to a tour […]

Wooo a vlog…

Melbourne and Kangaroo Island!

Melbourne and Kangaroo Island!

So there have been no blogs for a while sorry! But don’t worry I have two coming right up, I’ve just been away from my laptop for a while.  This first blog explains the reason that I’ve been away…I was travelling!!!   I was lucky enough to spend a week in Melbourne and the weekend […]

A Little Update…1/4 down!

Hiya!! I am free (ish) of uni work for two weeks! As of Friday I have been on my Mid-Semester break which is a novel concept as obviously we don’t have them at most English unis! I do think I deserve it though, as I have been working blooming hard recently, with deadlines every week […]

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