So it’s been a while… In all honesty, settling back in to life in the UK has been time-consuming but I’ll save that for another time. Something that I have desperately wanted to write about was my first time trying CHICKEN FEET. Yes, chicken, as in the bird, and their feet. Chicken feet is a […]

New Zealand Rugby Team's haka performance

Ah, Freak Out

Last night I made a grave mistake. I left my window slightly open and woke up with 13 new mosquito bites, including 3 on my face. Perhaps you may have read my earlier blog explaining that I am a particularly attractive individual to mosquitoes. Whilst we may have been given a quick taste of summer, […]

I like to squat

Thought I’d quickly share something that has been annoying me recently: SQUATTING. It is my understanding that in Mainland China instead of toilet seats they squat and pee in to holes in the ground. This is what tends to be the case in a lot of third world countries as I have recently experienced on […]



Week 5 into the second semester of University and I feel it’s time for me to share a little more about the work life. At the moment I am enrolled onto 5 courses, including one non-law module, Cantonese. I am taking the following 4 Law modules: 1. Advanced Topics in Constitutional Law 2. Privacy and […]

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