I’ve learnt something.

After over 3 months of lectures and seminars, homework and readings, I’ve realised that I’ve actually learnt something during my first semester here. And this realisation did not occur during an exam, or during exam revision, but during my trip to the beautiful French city Nancy. The first thing that I saw in Nancy, apart […]

What the Strasbourg Christmas Market means to me

After the horrible events of last week, it is easy for people to live in fear, to do anything in order to feel protected and safe, especially here in France. Because of this, numerous festive celebrations have been cancelled. For example, the fete de lumiere, which is the festival of lights that happens every year […]



With the arrival of my mum, I thought that it would be a good idea to take her to Germany, more specifically to Freiburg. We took a FlixBus from Strasbourg to Freiburg and it took only 2 hours. Freiburg was amazing, I expected a small old town and although it had aspects of an old […]

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