Time to Talk

4th of February is Time to Talk Day organised by Time to Change to counteract the stigma which unfortunately still surrounds mental illness. But that shouldn’t just be reserved for one day a year. Now, a week later, we should still be talking. To this day, many people find this subject too awkward or simply […]

Granada, part 1

I think the city centre is possibly the best location for a student to live in. It is close to the historical Albayzín, Sacramento and the Alhambra, the streets are always bursting with life, music and dance but at the same time, it is so close to Camino de Ronda, where many Spanish students choose […]

Top 5 strange Spanish habits we sometimes fail to understand

Hello all! I know that everyone has now started studying again, and for those of you abroad, good luck settling in. I want to dedicate this post to the lovely city of Granada, and what I have learnt so far of Spanish culture. Every country has its perks but Spain’s culture seems boundlessly surprising. Here […]

Arriving in Granada

Arriving in Granada has been very successful and very easy. My plane was at 6 which meant getting up at 3 (let’s not mention that part!), but after arriving in Malaga on time I was very glad to have bought a bus ticket to Granada beforehand as it turned out that they sold out almost […]

What to bring to Uni

What to bring to Uni

Hello friends! I would like to dedicate this post to anybody who is going into University this year as a Fresher! If we rewind two years (doesn’t feel like it at all!), I was doing just the same thing: flicking through the websites, wondering desperately if I will find a single soul to speak to. […]

Preparing for your year abroad: Spain

So, I’ve finally made a decision to study in Granada, a beautiful city in southern Spain. Once inhabited by Moors, to this day it boasts a vibrant African atmosphere, watched over by the remarkable Alhambra, and is still home to some Muslim communities. However, as excited (or scared) as I may be, my summer freedom is now burdened with […]

Top Tips For a Great Holiday Away From Uni

If you’ve moved away from your hometown like me, you may become struck with the student’s greatest enemy: boredom. Without your friends at hand, and with not much studying to do, life at home can become a little dull. Here’s how to make the best of your time away from University: Get a job. Getting […]

Holiday Reflections

Holiday Reflections

Why do holidays always pass so quickly? I’ve just returned from a trip to Indonesia, so I thought I’d share some general thoughts on my first trip outside of Europe. Although I feel extremely privileged to have travelled so far (however let’s not talk about the plane food and the sixteen hour flight), my trip […]

Hello all!

Hello all!

Hello! I’m Karolina and I have just finished my second year as a Spanish and English student, which, so far, has been an amazing experience! I’m very honoured to have been chosen to represent my University by writing this blog, and I really hope to give you a good insight into my life as I […]

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