The ‘Study’ in ‘Study Abroad’

This month I have found myself under increasing pressure by the University of Strasbourg, deadlines breathing down my throat, exams that I am not ready for and books that I can barely understand. And I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the pressure, I feel like I’m back in Leicester. There is a […]

Wappu and the end of the academic year

So whilst other people (i.e in germany) are just beginning their second semester , my entire academic year has now finished! The summer holiday starts now , and I am making ready to leave Erasmus!  Crazy times! What a year! It’s the annual two week student binge drinking festival at the moment , Wappu, which […]

Skiing in the Wilderness

So by the good grace of the Finnish/UK university systems I’m pretty much allowed to take whichever modules I want here , so I’m basically studying Biology this year and spent last week on a Winter Ecology field course in the Oulanka national Park  in the north east of Finland , only 15km away from […]

Measuring wolf skulls

Written originally on the 29th of January , but i’m going to publish it anyway now.Just imagine you travelled back in time or something. Also , its -0 c now. Back in Oulu, back to The Dissertation , and back to -16 today (although the snow was falling in Germany too) , back to exams […]

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