Mount Dissertation-manjaro

There’s no snow here , it’s a blistering 1-5 degrees this last week, my bicycle tires are wrecked and the grit they laid down when it snowed pops my tires every now and again , but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay 60 euros for two new tires. But I’m just glad to have a […]

Falling (back) in Love with Geography.

I realized just the other day that for a blog entitled ‘Life, Love and Sedimentology’ ,so far the blog has been heavier on the Life and Love (more on that later) and pretty bare on the ground in terms of Sedimentology. This I realized was also a major flaw in my plan for living in Oulu- […]

Day 47, Cameron’s Log

Day 47, Captain’s Log. It is October the 19th, and already it is -5 degrees in the daytime and has been snowing for the past two days, so theres about 5cm of snow on the ground. Seeing as when I arrived at the beginning of September it was pretty balmy and temperate, I calculate that […]

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