Distance Learning

24 Hours In Norway

After sipping the last of my complimentary coffee provided for by Scandinavian Airways, the realism of my adventure was to soon dawn on me. I reached for my black journal that was safely stowed away in the overhead locker, tearing a page from the back to jot down a list of my ambitions and plans whilst […]

TEFL and February

And so, after more than a week of being only about 1 or -1 each day and night, the snow is starting to melt and I hear that such weather will continue. The people are unsure of what this means- are we pleased it’s not so cold, or is this slush even worse? Is it good […]

In Finland

In Finland

Damn, I meant to update you with what’s goings on whilst I was in Gatwick airport and tell you about all the pre-departure business that’s going, however London Gatwick airport has no free Wi-Fi. And I think you can buy it, but not at night- which is when I was there. So unless I wanted […]

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