How did I fund my study abroad year?

Studying abroad was something I had previously not considered doing because I thought it would have cost me a lot. And lets be honest, university is expensive enough as it is, we don’t want to feel any poorer or in any more debt. So how did I fund my study abroad? Because of course, you need money […]

‘Summer in the City’ (of Amsterdam)

There is so much to see in Amsterdam, it can kind of be overwhelming… so here is a list of a few things I have done in Amsterdam during this warm weather and I would thoroughly reccommend!     Visit a beach Amsterdam is so close to some beautiful beaches! 30- 40 mins on the […]

Can you enjoy and succeed on a year abroad as an introvert?

Can you enjoy and succeed on a year abroad as an introvert?

So, my time in the Netherlands is drawing to a very rapid close – I go home in exactly one week and I have mixed feelings about it, but generally I am really looking forward to getting back home!   I know people talk about the cliche ‘finding yourself’ when on a gap year or […]

What do the British do better than the Dutch?

So after my first post about what ‘the Dutch do better’, here is the second part – where I will list what I think Britain got right!   1. More and longer university holidays: When I arrived here and learned that you only get two weeks off at Christmas and summer and that’s it, I was in shock. […]

What do the Dutch do better than the British?

Soooo, after living in the Netherlands for almost 10 months, I thought it would be interesting for me to list some of the things I noticed here that I think ‘the Dutch do better than the British!’   1.Celebrations: Since being here I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Carnival and Kingsday. Carnival is a celebration within the south of the […]

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