A Little Update…1/4 down!

Hiya!! I am free (ish) of uni work for two weeks! As of Friday I have been on my Mid-Semester break which is a novel concept as obviously we don’t have them at most English unis! I do think I deserve it though, as I have been working blooming hard recently, with deadlines every week […]

It all works out in the end

I have big news – I managed to find somewhere to live for the year! I’m no longer having to think about homelessness or where else temporary I have to move to next, I can move into somewhere and call it my own. No more dragging a huge suitcase around either – this is a […]

Differences between Leicester and Flinders!

One of the major differences between Leicester and Flinders is size, I think this is more of an ‘Australia is massive and England is tiny’ difference more than an individual uni difference, but it still takes some getting used to.  Luckily, the uni is extremely good at organising timetables so the distance you have to […]

International Student Service

International Student Service

One of the best things about a year abroad is that you know that you are always going to be supported in what you do.  Most of this support will come from your family and the friends you make on your journey, but there are also systems put in place for you by both your […]

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